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Explore Hereditary Cancer Testing with PsiGenex

Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Panel

Clinical guidelines recommend comprehensive multi-gene testing over single-gene testing when more than one gene can explain an inherited cancer syndrome. The Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Panel from PsiGenex provides you with more insight to help you identify the most cancer syndromes.

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Comprehensive Cancer Panel

Organ and System Specific Panels

PsiGenex allows for a more targeted approach by offering nine hereditary cancer panels that are specific to each cancer type. These panels cover all of the high penetrance genes as well as other medium risk genes that have well-established evidence of association with common cancer syndromes.

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Organ and System Specific Panels

Hereditary Cancer vs Sporadic Cancer
Pie chart showing  Sporadic at 70-80%, Hereditary at 10-15% and Familial at 5-15%

5-10% of Cancers Are Caused by Inherited Germline Mutations


Family Tree diagram showing 4 person highlighted out of 11 shown in 3 generations

Inherited Cancer Indications:

  • Early ages of onset (under 50’s)
  • Multiple generations with cancer
  • Multiple or bilateral cancers
  • Clustering of certain cancers (e.g. breast and ovarian)


Family Tree diagram showing one person highlighted out of 11 shown in 3 generations

Sporadic Cancer Indications:

  • Later ages of onset (60’s-70’s)
  • Little or no family history of cancer
  • Single or unilateral cancers

Early Detection is Key to Prevent or Mitigate Hereditary Cancers

Preventable Risk Factors for Cancers

Nearly half of cancers that are caused by hereditary mutations can be prevented.

Testing is the First Step

Identifying patients with inherited cancer susceptibility syndromes though genetic testing leads to changes in medical management with standard of care recommendations that positively impact morbidity and mortality.

Questions About Genetic Testing from PsiGenex?
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The PsiGenex Advantage

PsiGenex is a premier laboratory that brings together industry leading expertise with state-of-the-art technologies to provide unparalleled precision testing to our clinicians and their patients.

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Actionable Reporting

With vast coverage of medically relevant genes and high sensitivity achieved through Next Generation Sequencing, our tests provide reports that allow patients to take action for their health.

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Industry Leading Turnaround Time

Results this important can’t wait. We are committed to providing most test results in under a week.

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Compassionate Billing

Our billing team works with every patient to ensure they have access to premium comprehensive genetic testing, regardless of insurance coverage.

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Accessible Medical Team

In an effort to help navigate the complexities of genetic testing, we provide complimentary genetic counseling services and are here to answer any questions about our testing process.