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We Believe Every Patient Should Have Access to Comprehensive Genetic Testing

PsiGenex understands that insurance billing and coverage can be complicated, that’s why we are committed to making the process as hassle-free as possible. PsiGenex works with each of our patients to find payment solutions that meet their unique needs so that all patients can reap the benefits of comprehensive genetic testing regardless of coverage.


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Payment Options

Most insurance providers cover genetic testing if it’s considered medically necessary. There’s no need to contact your insurance company as PsiGenex will work with them directly to verify coverage, reimbursement, and estimated out-of-pocket expenses. We accept all patients and all insurance plans, however, we may not always be in-network. We will commit to your insurance reimbursement agreement for in-network labs at no extra cost, and you won’t need to compromise on premium testing. Most patients pay $0 out-of-pocket. If you receive an EOB with more than $50 out-of-pocket responsibility, please call us to discuss payment options and learn about our financial assistance program.
PsiGenex offers discounted rates for patients who do not currently have insurance coverage. Our dedicated Financial Services team is available to answer your questions and customize a payment plan that works for you.
Financial Assistance Program
We believe everyone should have access to premium comprehensive genetic testing, and that’s why PsiGenex offers a patient assistance program that is tailored to each patient’s unique situation. You may be eligible for a significant discount based on your household income. Please contact our Financial Services team to find out if you qualify.

We are here to help!  If you have questions, or want to make a payment, you can reach us by calling (888) 530-2239 or by emailing us at

Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Your Health Insurance Company routinely sends you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for doctors’ visits, medical procedures, and laboratory testing. This is NOT a bill, and at times some of the charge amounts you see on these EOBs may be labeled “Patient Responsibility”. However, PsiGenex will honor your "In-Network" laboratory benefits agreement, and the EOB may not be an accurate statement of your financial responsibility.

Prior Authorization

For some genetic tests, certain insurance plans require a prior authorization of services before considering reimbursement. This means that before the test is performed they wish to first ensure that it is medically necessary. Failure to secure an authorization before services are rendered runs the risk of the insurance carrier denying coverage of testing. Our dedicated medical billing staff performs all prior authorizations on your behalf.