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Provider Resources

Information You Need To Get Started

If this is your first time working with PsiGenex and you don’t have an account set up or you need assistance, no problem! Please call (888) 530-2239 and we will be happy to help you get started.

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Genetic Counseling

Our experienced in house genetic counselors and specialized molecular diagnostic scientists are always available to support physicians.

In addition, to support your patients as they navigate the complexities of genetic testing, we have partnered with Metis Genetics, a tele-health genetic counseling solution that provides patients with exceptional and timely counseling.

Genetic Counseling Referral Form

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Order Kits & Supplies

At PsiGenex, we assign a professional client services representative to assure you receive the highest level of support and service. Your representative will be happy to take your call and assist you in ordering kits and shipping supplies. Please call us at (888) 530-2239 or email

Specimen Pick Up

Call us at (888) 530-2239 to schedule a specimen pickup. Please provide the following information:

  • Account number
  • Number of specimens
  • Patient name(s)
  • Type of specimen(s)
  • Pickup deadline
  • Specimen location
  • Is this a STAT case?
  • FedEx tracking number (if applicable)